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Deluxe Services Switzerland Ltd. was established by the Swiss businessmen Duri Bardola, Hans Schmid and Mike Oehen. Between the three of us we have more than a hundred years of business experience in tourism&travel, hospitality, health services and real estate. We have an exceptional personal and professional network in Switzerland which allows us to fulfill all your personal requirements and to make your stay in Switzerland a truly memorable one. Your complete satisfaction is our mission!

Deluxe Services Switzerland Ltd. is a Swiss company with offices in Beijing and Zurich (Switzerland). Both offices are headed by experienced Managing Partners.
– We have an unrivaled professional network in: tourism, hospitality, health services and real estate.
– Our carefully selected guides are either Chinese-speaking Swiss nationals or Chinese nationals who have been living in Switzerland for many years. They are able to provide first-hand insider knowledge of all destinations.
– We will customize your trip to Switzerland according to your requirements. Everything is possible!
– Our private guides and drivers will be at your disposition during your entire trip.
– We are a small but very professional boutique agency. Small means high flexibility and complete commitment to our customer’s needs.
– We will show you the real, authentic Switzerland, not the crowded tourist sights. That’s a promise!

Our Team in Beijing

Mike Oehen

Beijing Office

Cara Lin

Marketing Director
Beijing Office

Brenda He

Marketing Executive
Beijing Office

Vivi Luo

IT Support
Beijing Office

Our Team in Zurich

Duri Bardola

Zurich Office

Claudia Schäfer

Operations Executive
Zurich Office

Gaby Melliger

Operations Executive
Zurich Office

Rosa Petris

Finance & Operations Executive
Zurich Office

Claudia Stuchez

Marketing Executive
Zurich Office

Lush, flower-box villages and resplendent snow-capped mountains, blue lakes, green meadows and clean air make Switzerland a truly captivating setting for business trips and leisure vacations. There’s nothing like the medieval castles of Bellinzona, the Renaissance churches and wooden bridges of Lucerne, the fresco-covered houses of Stein am Rhein or the glamorous ski-resorts of Gstaad, St. Moritz or Zermatt with the world-famous, majestic Matterhorn. And who could resist a helicopter sight-seeing flight to the „Top of Europe“ or a boat trip to the mediterranen Brissago Islands.

General Facts


Due to four different language regions, a deep respect for Swiss traditions and its unique geographical setting Switzerland offers a very great cultural diversity. Thanks to the relatively short distances between the different regions and destinations you will be able to discover and experience this diversity in one or two weeks.


Switzerland has a mature economy on a very high level and an economic growth of about 2% per year. This makes Switzerland a politically very stable and safe country to travel. Furthermore Switzerland has 150 years of experience welcoming tourists. This experience is reflected by the famous Swiss hospitality.  


Switzerland borders with Germany, Austria, Italy and France. Switzerland offers you a great diversity of landscapes and climates. Even though tiny in comparison with most countries, Switzerland boasts more than 1500 lakes and 48 mountains higher than 4000 m, among them the fantastic Matterhorn.


The name „Switzerland“ refers to „Schwyz“, one of Switzerland’s core cantons. The cantons of Schwyz, Uri and Unterwalden built the original foundation of the ancient Swiss Confederation in 1291. The modern Swiss Federation has existed since 1848. Since the Congress of Vienna in 1815 Switzerland has officially been refered to as a politically neutral country. Many old buildings, monuments and cultural treasures are still intact and well preserved.  


In Switzerland four different languages are spoken: Swiss German, French, Italian and Rhaeto-Romanic (a remote language spoken by some 50‘000 people in the mountain valleys of eastern Switzerland). Due to the great variety of dialects of Swiss German and the lack of a true grammar, schoolchildren learn High German. The country code of Switzerland is CH, an abbreviation for the Latin „Confoederatio Helvetica“. In this way none of the four languages has a special status.


Sustainability and environmental protection are important in Switzerland: Consistent recycling, rigid exhaust emissions standards, good waste management, carefully controlled landscape planning and strict conditions for construction projects are part of Swiss life. A large percentage of Switzerland’s landmass is protected by law and cannot be used either for construction or any other commercial use.



Capital: Berne

Largest city: Zurich