Paracelsus Recovery Clinic


Switzerland is home to the most outstanding SPAs, health centers and private clinics.
The Swiss health care system is recognized worldwide for its high quality and innovative strength. In order to provide our sophisticated customers with the very best Health & Medical Services possible, DSS works together with the prestigious, discreet and very high-end Paracelsus Recovery Clinic.
The Paracelsus Recovery Clinic specializes in the comprehensive treatment of all kinds of addictions and combines the most elaborate addiction treatment available with an exclusive five-star setting to provide an intensive, yet personal and caring experience.


Clients receive a minimum of 8 hours one-to-one treatment every day. Important core therapies and treatments are combined with supporting and relaxing complementary therapies, which form an integrated and well-managed rehabilitation program. Paracelsus Clinic offers the most comprehensive and elaborate addiction treatment program available today. Whereas most addiction treatment programs offer only group therapy, the Paracelsus clinics international team of highly qualified professionals focus on the recovery of only one client at the time. Full discretion and confidentiality are ensured at all times.


While offering the most advanced addiction treatment program, Paracelsus also provides an unparalleled high-end and all-round service during your stay. You will reside in a luxurious residence or in a hotel of your choice, where treatment takes place very privately and in an intimate setting. Limousine transportation, chef, butler, maid and secretarial service as well as a 24/7 concierge service are all dedicated to make your stay as comfortable as possible.


Addiction is a complex brain disease. Addictive behaviour leads to lasting changes in the brain’s bio-chemistry, structure and function. Stress and unhealthy eating habits add further to bio-chemical deficits. Bio-chemical imbalances lead to anxiety, stress, depression, chronic fatigue, sleep problems, cravings and often, relapse. The Paracelsus Clinic analyzes your bio-chemistry with comprehensive laboratory tests. Based on these tests they create a tailor-made mix of nutritional supplements and a personal nutrition plan. Together with adapted physical activity and purposive relaxation, cellular bio-chemistry can be restored, symptoms reduced and often eliminated.


Paracelsus’ comprehensive treatment program includes:


An Individual Treatment Plan
Probiotic Therapies
Medical Check-ups and Treatments
Extensive Psychotherapy
Spiritual Counseling
Family Therapy
Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling
Addiction Counseling
12-step Facilitation
Bio Feedback and Bio Resonance
Bio-chemical Restoration
Support Group Meetings
Alpha Stim & Satori
Healthy Diet
Fitness Training



DSS is a proud partner of the outstanding Paracelsus Recovery Clinic. Together we take care of every detail of your stay in Switzerland. Paracelsus will assist you with the necessary medical and financial clarifications regarding your treatment, find the right doctors and specialists.


As a guest at the Paracelsus Clinic, you might like to seize the opportunity and enjoy a trip through Switzerland – before or after your treatment: see the majestic mountains, glacier-fed lakes and natural forests, breathe the clean Alpine air, visit museums, galleries, high-end shops, and enjoy unique and authentic experiences. DSS will provide an exclusive and tailor-made travel program for you, organize your visa and take care of all the travel arrangements, flights, sightseeing trips, concierge services, etc. in order to make your stay in Switzerland as pleasant and successful as possible.


DSS is the official Sales Partner of the Paracelsus Recovery Clinic. Please contact DSS for further information. We guarantee complete discretion.