DoubleCheck (The Kusnacht Practice)

DoubleCheck was founded 10 years ago by a group of professors from the University Hospital of Zurich to provide international patients seamless access to the best experts and medical care in Zurich. DoubleCheck was purchased in 2016 by “The Kusnacht Practice” Group and relocated to Zollikon, a charming village 30 minutes from Zurich airport. DoubleCheck has now 160 specialists and focuses on:
– Second Opinions
– Medical Interventions
– Health Check-ups and Comprehensive Health Prevention Programs
including Bio-molecular Restoration (Bio-R) with genetics testing


The Health Prevention Programs consist of three different health-checkup levels that can last from half a day to 3 days (General, Executive, VIP) and a tailor-made Bio-molecular Restoration (Bio-R) program as well as additional modules like mental coaching and dental checks.


Bio-R is an innovative medical treatment which corrects imbalances and deficiencies of body and mind. DoubleCheck offers 3 different BioR-packages: Awareness, Advanced, Advanced Plus.All Health Checks and Bio-R programs can be booked independently or as a package.

Health Prevention Programs

Silver (2 days)

– VIP check-up
– BioR Awareness
– Two one-day tickets for Dolder Spa

Gold (3 months)

– VIP check-up
– BioR Advanced
– Mental Coaching
– Dental Check
– 2 VIP services at airport
– Two one-day tickets for Dolder Spa

Platinum (12 months)

– VIP check-up
– BioR In-Depth
– Mental Coaching
– Dental check
– 2 Dental hygiene
– 4 VIP services at airport
– 8 airport transfers
– 4 one-day tickets for Dolder Spa

Bio-R (Bio-molecular Restoration)

Bio-R is an innovative Medical Detox & Rejuvenation programs tailor-made to your biomolecular needs for significant results and focusing on:

– Health & Prevention
– Detox & Weight-loss
– Anti-Aging & Aesthetics/Beauty
– Mindfulness & Relaxation


Bio-R is an innovative medical treatment which corrects imbalances and deficiencies in our individual bodies and minds. It significantly improves our physical health and emotional wellbeing. Included in the Advanced and Advanced Plus programs are DoubleCheck’s unique micronutrients formulas.


There are 3 different Bio-R Packages:

– Bio-R Awareness (2 Days)
– Bio-R Advanced (3 Months)
– Bio-R Advanced Plus (12 Months)

Second Opinions

The patient has a current medical situation and wants either a neutral second opinion, a confirmation of diagnostic or advice on which path to follow. Double Check will hand over the medical files to a small panel of medical specialists to study the case. The patient will then receive a file containing the recommendation, questions and steps advised. The patient is then free to decide if to continue treatment with DoubleCheck.