Vimed Cell Clinic

VIMED CELL is an expert in Human Stem Cell Therapy focusing on Anti-Aging, Diabetes, Fertility, Potency and Pain. It is Swiss company with clinics both in Switzerland and Germany and with almost 40 years of experience in cell therapy.


Depending on the complex analysis and test results, VIMED CELLS medical team will design your own personal health program. This program aims at repairing your damaged cells and improves organ functions. VIMED CELL uses exclusive CD34+ stem cells. Newest research shows that these stem cells have numerous beneficial effects on tissue repair and one CD34+ stem cell can repair up to 60.000 ill cells.


Additionally, VIMED CELL focuses on improving the inner wall of the patient’s blood vessels. With age, plaque builds up inside the vessels and obstructs them – which can lead to stroke, heart attack and other diseases. VIMED CELL ensure these vessels are clean and healthy so that nutrients, oxygen and medication reach every cell.


Vimed Pain (Chronic pain)

Vimed Cell’s pain-specialties are:
– Pain in spine, back, neck, hips, knees, shoulders, arm, elbows, hand, fingers, foot and ankle
– Hip arthrosis (Coxarthrosis)
– Knee joint arthrosis (Gonarthrosis)
– Shoulder arthritis (Omarthrosis)
– Wrist arthritis
– Elbow pain from degenerative changes
– Foot pain from degenerative changes
– Hand and finger pain from degenerative changes
– Collagenosis

Aesthetic Surgery

– Liposuction of a small area ( eg. neck, chin )
– Liposuction of a large area ( eg. abdomen, saddlebags, thighs )
– Fat transfer ( liposculpture )
– Tummy-treatment of stretch marks by mini-abdominoplasty
– Abdominoplasty
– Breast augmentation
– Breast volume reduction
– Breast lift
– Mini facelift
– Forehead lift
– Cervicofacial lift
– Rhinoplasty
– Otoplasty
– Correction of eyelids
– Inner arm lift
– Inner thighs lift
– Buttocks augmentation
– G-spot augmentation
– Vaginoplasty
– Reduction of the labia minora
– Augmentation or reduction of clitoris
– Perianal surgery
– Hymenoplasty, virginity surgery
– Urinary or rectal incontinence
– Laser Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vimed Anti-Aging

In the same way that you wish to ensure your financial security in the future, it is also sensible to make the right provisions for your future health. This is done by assuring proper functioning of your cells.
VIMED CELL provides Anti-Aging cell therapy treatments. The cell treatment is intended to revitalise the whole organism. Revitalisation means that there is an improvement in vitality, an increase in activity, the stabilisation of mental power, enhancement of the general power of resistance and a strengthening of the body’s natural defences.

Vimed Fertility

An increasing number of couples are temporarily or permanently infertile. The unfulfilled desire to have children can become a serious problem for the partnership. A woman’s fertility starts to decrease in her early 30’s and deteriorates rapidly after 39. From 40 years of age and older, there is only a 5 percent chance of getting pregnant.
With a success track record of 87%, the VIMED COMPLEX THERAPY is very successful for those who are looking for a way to pregnancy. Before treatment, it is important to find out the possible causes of fertility disorders. Therefore, the VIMED COMPLEX THERAPY always starts with a premium medical examination. For this, it is crucial to analyse both the woman and the man as the problem can be with either.

Vimed Men’s Health

There can be many reasons why a man may be suffering from a decreased sexual desire. Therefore, Vimed Cell analyzes all possible reasons and risks during a premium medical check-up.
Some possible reasons for decreased sexual desire are:
– Stress factors
– Diabetes
– Reduced oxygen and nutrition to the region of your sexual organs
– Reduced Nitrogen Oxide production in the cells that form the wall of your blood vessels
– Hormonal changes
– Psychological factors
– Adverse effects from certain medication